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Dragons Boys Lacrosse

Founded in 2007, the Dragons boys lacrosse program provides a recreational opportunity to play Lacrosse.  Focused on developing fundamental skills while providing challenging competition, the Dragons compete against other lacrosse programs in local communities. 

Our teams are recognized not only for their skill, but also for their love of the game and high level of sportsmanship.   

Practices will be held on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturday's for the month of March and once games start just Tuesday's and Wednesday's. Away games are typically within a 30 minute drive, as we compete with other local lacrosse organizations.

Teams are based on grade levels at this time.  Based on the number of registered kids, we typically have combined grade teams, however if the numbers grow enough, we will have single grade teams.  Today we have:

3rd and 4th Grade together (some 2nd graders as well)
5th and 6th Grade together
7th and 8th Grade together

For Kindergarten through 2nd grade, we have the Jr Dragons program which offers non-contact and non-competitive environment to learn the game of lacros